Sun 19 June    15:00

  • 15:00 - 16:00    KinderTheaterHaus


    No matter whether siblings are inseparable or on bad terms, loving or jealous – they can hardly escape each other. They play together, laugh and cry, quarrel and hurt each other, they help and occasionally annoy one another.

    Upon the invitation of the KinderTheaterHaus in Hanover, the contemporary choreographer Martin Nachbar and the dramaturge Gabi dan Droste developed a dance piece for children on the theme of ‘siblings.’ Along with three performers, they bring different constellations of siblings to the stage. They not only examine how in the interplay of brotherly and sisterly closeness and competition, protection and distance, cooperation and fighting, own identities are formed, but also jointly create a new artistic thumbprint for children.

    Sat 18 June, followed by a talk with Martin Nachbar and Gabi Dan Droste on the questions: ’What is contemporary in contemporary dance for young persons? What is relevant to the present in a rapidly changing world, in a multi-option society?’

    From 6 years
    Fri 17. June, 10:00

    Sat 18. June, 18:00, followed by a talk
    Sun 19. June, 15:00
    Tickets: 12 € / red. 6 €
    A limited number of tickets at a special price for congressparticipants available
    Venue: KinderTheaterHaus

    With Gaetane Douin, Katharina Haverich/ Marina Miller Dessau, Lena Lux
    Choreography, direction Martin Nachbar
    Dramaturgy, direction Gabi dan Droste
    Music Boris Hauf
    Set, costume Sabine Hilscher
    Objects Aino Stratemann

  • 15:00 - 16:15    Ballhof Eins


    © Marcel Wogram

    In ‘Revolte!’, the Hanover-based choreographer Felix Landerer has his seven dancers fathom an explosive and highly topical theme: Is revolution still possible today? With their extremely dynamic movement vocabulary, the company deals with the lack of resistance in light of the many injustices in the world today, and rehearses a revolt in their dance. Attempts to revolt erupt in highly explosive group scenes, while individual dancers show that the conflict between the sense of responsibility and paralyzing indifference can also affect one’s own body. Felix Landerer sends his ensemble on a thrilling exploration tour of external and internal resistances, opening up astounding avenues of escape. The dancers and the audience are put in a state of revolt for the duration of one evening of dance.

    Sat 18. June, 19:00
    Sun 19. June, 15:00
    Tickets: 15 - 18 € / red. 10 €
    A limited number of tickets at a special price for congressparticipants available
    Venue: Ballhof Eins

    With Simone Deriu, Benjamin Landsberg, Christoph Linder, Menghan Lou, Anila Mazhari, Luigi Sardone, Karolina Szymura, Jessica van Rüschen
    Choreography, dramaturgy Felix Landerer
    Music Christof Littmann
    Set design Melanie Huke
    Costume Theresa Klement
    Light design Felix Landerer
    Photography, video Marc Seestaedt
    Management, press and public relations Achim Bernsee | minusmalminus
    Financal management Judith Elbeshausen
    Supported by Landeshauptstadt Hannover/Kulturbüro, Stiftung Niedersachsen, Niedersächsisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur

Sun 19 June    19:00

  • 19:30 - 22:00    Staatsoper Hannover


    It is not for nothing that Germany’s theater and dance landscape is famous throughout the world: Season upon season, the 60 dance companies of the municipal and state theaters produce a diverse and exciting range of pieces. Whether ballet, movement experiments, or dance theater—each performance reveals the contemporariness of an art that always reinvents itself in aesthetic terms, even when citing the tradition.

    The evening titled ‘Update,’ resulting from an initiative of the Bundesdeutsche Ballett- und Tanztheaterdirektorenkonferenz, presents excerpts of current productions by dance ensembles from the entire country: a surprising program reflecting Germany’s broad range of dance, compiled exclusively for the Dance Congress.

    Date: Sun 19. June, 19:30
    Tickets: 23,50 - 66,50 € / red. 9,50 €
    A limited number of tickets at a special price for congressparticipants available
    Venue: Staatsoper Hannover

    Simone Sandroni, TANZ Bielefeld
    Martin Schläpfer, Ballett am Rhein Düsseldorf/Duisburg
    Rosana Hribar, Tanzcompagnie Gießen
    Ricardo Fernando, Ballett Hagen,
    Wubkje Kuindersma, Bundesjugendballett Hamburg
    Jörg Mannes, Ballett der Staatsoper Hannover
    Mario Schröder, Leipziger Ballett
    Davide Bombana, Bayerisches Staatsballett II, München
    Marco Goecke, Stuttgarter Ballett
    Susanne Linke, Company Susanne Linke, Trier
    Tim Plegge, Hessisches Staatsballett, Wiesbaden
    Bridget Breiner, Das Ballett im Revier, Gelsenkirchen

    An event of the Staatsoper Hannover in cooperation with the Dance Congress 2016 and the Bundesdeutschen Ballett- und Tanztheaterdirektoren Konferenz (BBTK).