• Janša, Janez

    Janez Janša

    artist, author, director (SI)

    is artist, writer, performer and director of interdisciplinary performances as well as conceptual and visual artworks. His work contains strong critical and political dimension and it is focused on the relation between art and social and political context. He is author of the book ‘Jan Fabre - La Discipline du chaos, le chaos de la discipline’, Armand Colin, Paris 1994) and has been editor in chief of MASKA, performing arts journal from 1999 to 2006. He is the director of Maska, institute for publishing, production and education based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

  • Jansen, Claude

    Claude Jansen© Elissavet Patrikiou

    theatre and dance scholar, dramaturge (DE)

    studied applied theatre studies at the Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen. She was a founding member and performer of the performance group She She Pop and worked as a DJ and author. From 2000 to 2014 she worked for the transnational artists’ label Hajusom, until 2009 in the managing team; then she and Mable Opoku-Preach directed the girls’ performance groups Ruff Monkeys and Le SIR. She also worked as a freelance (dance) dramaturge (with Angela Guerreiro, Viktoria Hauke and others) mainly in transnational work contexts funded by various Goethe Institutes. In 2014 she and the Goethe Institute Dakar produced the performance adieu la vie adieu l’amour for the so-called Tirailleurs Sénégales. Since 2015 she has been research assistant of Prof. Dr. Gabriele Klein in the Forschungsverbund: Übersetzen und Rahmen – Praktiken medialer Transformationen.

  • Jarrar, Khaled

    Khaled Jarrar

    filmmaker, artist (PS)

    Born in Jenin in 1976, Khaled Jarrar lives and works in Ramallah, Palestine. Jarrar completed his education in Interior Design at the Palestine Polytechnic University in 1996 and later graduated from the International Academy of Art Palestine with a Bachelor in Visual Arts degree in 2011. A year later, his documentary 'The Infiltrators' won several accolades at the 9th Annual Dubai International Film Festival, confirming his importance as a filmmaker in the international scene. With highly symbolic photographs, videos, and performative interventions, focused on his native Palestine, multi-disciplinary artist Khaled Jarrar explores modern power struggles and their socio-cultural impact on ordinary citizens. The everyday objects appearing in Jarrar's reflective work, whether in their form or nature, are juxtaposed with the severity of the issues he examines, thus giving the political content of his art greater significance while underscoring the autobiographical nature of his chosen themes.
    Jarrar's recent solo exhibitions include Art Bartsch & Cie, Geneva (2015); Galerie Polaris, Paris (2014, 2012); Gallery One, Ramallah (2014); Ayyam Gallery London (2013); Galerie Guy Bartschi, Geneva (2013); the NEWTOPIA: The State of Human Rights Contemporary Arts in Mechelen and Brussels (2012); and the International Academy of Art Palestine, Ramallah (2007). The artist's recent group exhibitions were held at such venues as Palais De La Culture, Constantine (2015); Pirineos Sur Festival (2015); Maraya Art Centre, Sharjah (2015); the New Museum, New York City (2014), Kashya Hildebrand Gallery, London (2014), the University of Applied Arts, Vienna (2014), USF Contemporary Art Museum, Tampa (2013); The Madrid Palestine Film Festival (2013); the 15th Jakarta Biennale (2013); the 7th Berlin Biennale (2012); 52nd October Salon, Belgrade (2011); Al-Ma'mal Foundation, Jerusalem (2010); and the London Film Festival (2010).

  • Jeffries, Emily

    Emily Jeffries

    dancer, choreographer (DE/US)

    is a Berlin-based dancer, choreographer and researcher. She utilizes language, movement, theory and research to explore the socio-political possibilities for transformation and embodiment of empathy in her performances. Her works are developed through a rich process of detailed practise-based research and have been seen throughout the USA, England, and Germany. Currently, her work pulls from philosophy and movement methodology, which incorporates: kinesthetic empathy, object affordance, improvisational becoming, embodied metaphor, and the ontology of sexuality.

  • Jordan, John

    John Jordan© Josep Caballero

    art-activist (UK)

    John Jordan was co-founder of radical street dancing collective Reclaim the Streets (1995-2001) and now works with the ‘Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination’, that merges art, activism and social ecology. He loves to apply creativity to social movements such as Climate Camps and the cop21 mobilisations and has invented various new direct action methodologies such as the Rebel Clown Army and the bike bloc. Co-author of ‘We Are Everywhere: the irresistible rise of global anti-capitalism’ (Verso), and the book-film with Isabelle Fremeaux exploring Europe's Utopian communities ‘Pfard durch Utopia’ (Nautilus, Hamburg). Balancing on the tightrope between art and activism, creativity and resistance is where he's most at home.


  • Kampe, Dr. Thomas

    Dr. Thomas Kampe© Steve Blunt

    choreographer, educator

    Dr. Thomas Kampe has been living and working as an educator, choreographer and dancer in London since 1986. He was the co-director of the Chisenhale Dance Space in London and currently works as Senior Lecturer for Movement for Actors at Bath Spa University in Great Britain. He studied dance at the Laban Centre in London. Educated to become a Feldenkrais practitioner in Lewes, Great Britain (2003). In 2013 Thomas completed his dissertation in choreography (PhD) titled 'The Art of Making Choices: The Feldenkrais Method as a Choreographic Resource.'


  • Kannanur, Pravin

    Pravin Kannanur

    dramaturge, visual artist (IN)

    Pravin Kannanur is one of the founders of Magic Lantern, a Chennai-based theatre group. He has undergone professional training in theatre sets, lights and videography at the Strasbourg School of Theatre, France and has worked and trained at the studio of abstractionist, Bhagwan S. Chavan. Having directed ‘Caligula’ and ‘Don Juan’ for experimental theatre group, Koothu-p-pattarai in Chennai, Pravin went on to direct ‘Wings and Masks’ (contemporary dance), ‘Veshakkaran’ (Tartuffe), ‘Ponniyin Selvan’ (opera) and ‘Pattam’(Richard III) for Magic Lantern. Pravin continues to work in Tamil theatre in Chennai. Pravin has collaborated with dancer Preethi Athreya as a dramaturg, technical director and visual artist. He has headed several public arts projects as a visual artist. He has co-founded artists collectives, such as the India theatre Forum and Basement 21 and strongly believes that artists have to nurture their eco-systems.

  • Kaseki, Yuko

    Yuko Kaseki© Barbara Dietl

    dancer, choreographer (JP/DE)

    is director of company cokaseki, choreographer, Butoh dancer, performer, improviser and teacher in Berlin since 1995. Her solos and ensemble performances, improvisations are performed worldwide. These works are physical performance that incorporates Butoh, performance art, object design, texts, and soundscapes. International collaboration such as inkBoat (SF), Tableau Stations (SF), CAVE (NY), Theater Thikwa (Berlin), Salad theater (Seoul) and more. Her strong interest about breaking border of physical expression, leads to projects with artists with mixed ability.

    Cargo Collective

  • Kathriner, Julia

    Julia Kathriner

    dancer, student MA CoDE (DE)

    Julia Kathriner is a freelance dancer and performer, born in Switzerland. After her dance education at the Palucca Schule Dresden, University for Dance Julia deepened her approach to embodiment and became a certified educator in Body Mind Centering ® between 2012 to 2014. From there she kept on going with such questions as how to shape learning processes and creative environments. Performing in Companies in Switzerland, Austria and Germany she worked with different choreographers and teachers such as Olympia Scardi, Jana Unmüssig, Rosalind Crisp, Bonny Bainbridge Cohen among others. In 2015 she joined the MA CoDE programme.

  • Klein, Prof. Dr. Gabriele

    Prof. Dr. Gabriele Klein

    dance scholar, sociologist (DE)

    is professor at the Universität Hamburg and head of the Centre for Performance Studies at the Universität Hamburg. In 1990 she did her doctorate in social sciences and habilitated in sociology in 1998. Her research focuses are on the cultural and social theory of the body and movement, dance and performance theory, the cultural and social history of dance, urban movement cultures and popular dance cultures, youth and pop theory; gender studies. Recent publications: ‘Methoden der Tanzwissenschaft‘ (2015 with Gabriele Brandstetter), ‘Dance [and] Theory’ (2013 with Gabriele Brandstetter), ‘Choreografischer Baukasten. Das Buch’ (2015), ‘Emerging Bodies. The Performance of Worldmaking in Dance and Choreography’ (2011 with Sandra Noeth), ‘Tango in Translation. Tanz zwischen Medien, Kulturen, Kunst und Politik’ (2009).


  • Knaup, Bettina

    Bettina Knaup

    cultural producer, scholar (DE)

    works internationally as a curator with a focus on performance and gender. She was co-curator of the ‘International Festival of Contemporary Arts City of Women’, Ljubljana and contributed to the ‘In Transit’ Festival at the House of World Cultures Berlin. Recent projects include the festivals ‘performing proximities’ (Beursschouwburg, Brussels) and ‘performance platform. body affects’ (with S. Bake, Sophiensaele, Berlin) as well as the long term exhibition and archive project ‘re.act.feminism #2 - a performing archive’ (with B. E. Stammer, Akademie der Künste Berlin, Antoni Tapies Foundation Barcelona, Tallinn Art Hall, a.o.). She is an international lecturer and jury member and since 2015 a research fellow at the Drama Departement of Roehampton University, London.

  • Koerner, Steen

    Steen Koerner© Scanpix

    choreographer, director, master in Electric Boogie (DK)

    Steen Koerner is a Danish autodidact, choreographer, director, stage designer and a master of Electric Boogie. His artistic career began in 1987 with the foundation of the street dance crew ‘Out of Control’. In 1996 Koerner created his first choreographic works in the theatre scene (‘Bella Vita’, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’). In 2003 he experienced his big breakthrough with the hip-hop theater ‘The Nutcracker’ at Theater Aveny-T in Denmark. After this success, Steen Koerner received a three-year grant from the Danish Arts Foundation in 2004. That same year he received the Hip Hop Lifetime Achievement Award.

  • Körver, Waltraut

    Waltraut Körver© Bettina Stöß

    dramaturge (DE)

    already danced as a youth at the Musisches Gymnasium in Essen Werden in co-operation with the Folkwang Hochschule, and studied dance studies, new German literature and ethnology in Munich. She was a dramaturge at the Theater Münster, before working for Susanne Linke and Urs Dietrich at the Theater Bremen and then as a freelance dramaturge. She headed the section for children and youths of Tanzplan Bremen. Since 2010 she has been archiving the oeuvre of the choreographer Susanne Linke commissioned by the Akademie der Künste, Berlin, and working as the company manager and dance dramaturge for the Company Susanne Linke at the Theater Trier.

  • Kovacs, Carmen

    Carmen Kovacs© Jean-Marc Turmes

    music and theatre scholar (DE)

    studied music theatre studies at the University of Bayreuth and theatre studies at the LMU Munich. In 2014 she worked as a trainee in the dramaturgical department of the Bayerische Staatsoper, and since 2015 she has been writing for the Münchner Feuilleton and the Bayerisches Staatsballett. She is a member of two Munich-based performance collectives and in 2016 she will start studying art at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste Munich as a student of Olaf Nicolai.

  • Kraft, Eva-Maria

    Eva-Maria Kraft

    nutrition trainer, dance pedagogue, dancer (AT) Eva-Maria Kraft, BA is a nutrition trainer with a main focus on ‘dance’, co-author of ‘Ernährung für Tänzer’, dance pedagogue, freelance dancer and Cranio-Sacral practitioner. She operates a practice in Vienna and accompanies professional dance, musical and acting schools with regular nutrition workshops and seminars. Since 2010 she has been giving lectures on ‘nutrition in dance’ at dance congresses and festivals and in advanced training programmes in Austria and abroad. She is also the first chairperson of the ‚Österreichische Berufsvereinigung für Tanzpädagogik‘.


  • Kreutzer, Julek

    Julek Kreutzer

    freelance artist, pedagogue, graduate of HZT Berlin (DE)

    is a performer based in Berlin. From 2011 to 2015 she studied at the Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin in the BA study programme Dance, Context, Choreography. Since 2012 she has been creating her own choreographies. She is a member of the association ‘Tänzer ohne Grenzen’ and with Kareth Schaffer initiator of ‘The Artist's Pledge’. Julek teaches dance for children at the Etage e.V. and has worked as a performer for Lina Gómez, Be van Vark, Fred Gehrig, Anna Till, Kareth Schaffer and others.

  • Krohn, Andrea

    Andrea Krohn© Maurits den Held

    choreographer, dancer (DE)

    graduated in dance and dance education by the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP). Beyond dance and performance her interest lies in documentation and sound installations and through those media she questions matters of power, identity and perception. In Brazil she worked with the dance theater group ‘Artesãos do Corpo’ receiving several prizes and nominations. Since 2011 she worked as a choreographer and performer in Germany in solo productions and in collaboration with 77 Stolen Fish, Polyxeni Angelidou, Karina Bosche, Lukas Matthaei and Isabelle Schad. In 2014 she started a Master in Performance Studies at the University of Hamburg.


  • Kruschkova, PD Dr. habil. Krassimira

    PD Dr. habil.  Krassimira Kruschkova

    dance and performance scholar, curator (BG/AT)

    is director of the theory and media centre at Tanzquartier Wien, teaches at the University of Applied Arts, the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, and is visiting professor at the FU Berlin and the University of Vienna, where she did her doctorate and habilitation. Selected publications: ‘Ob?scene. Zur Präsenz der Absenz im zeitgenössischen Theater, Tanz und Film’, Vienna, 2005; ‘It takes place when it doesn’t. On dance and performance since 1989’ (ed. with M. Hochmuth/G. Schöllhammer), Frankfurt a. M., 2006; ‘Uncalled. Dance and performance of the future’ (ed. with S. Gareis), Berlin, 2009; ‘Wissen wir, was ein Körper vermag’ (ed. with A. Böhler/S. Valerie), Bielefeld, 2014.

  • Kunst, Prof. Dr. Bojana

    Prof. Dr. Bojana Kunst

    philosopher, dramaturge, performance theorist (DE/SI)

    Bojana Kunst is a philosopher, dramaturg and performance theoretician. She is a professor at the Institute for Applied Theater Studies in Justus Liebig University Giessen, where she is leading an international master programme Choreography and Performance. She is a member of the editorial board of Maska Magazine, Amfiteater and Performance Research. Her last book: ‘Artist at Work, Proximity of Art and Capitalism’, Zero Books, Winchester, London, 2015.

  • Kussmaul, Kerstin

    Kerstin Kussmaul© Michael Obrist

    movement researcher, dance professional, teacher (AT) is the founder of IDOCDE, researcher at ‘REFLEX Europe – Reflective Documentation in contemporary dance education’, and ‘Embodied Creativity in Dyad Improvisation’ (both 2015-2018). PhD candidate. Teaches Myoreflex therapy and improvisation (Cullberg Ballet, LePacifique, Tanzquartier Wien and many others). Artistic focus on interdisciplinary formats (‘Vexations’ – ImPulsTanz, Uovo Milan and others). Training curator at k3 – Zentrum für Choreographie|Tanzplan Hamburg.

    Gravity happens


  • Lamqayssi, Mohamed

    Mohamed Lamqayssi© Jesús Robisco

    dancer (MA)

    Born in Marrakesh, Mohamed is a Moroccan dancer who started his training in contemporary dance with ANANIA company in 2011. During his studies at university for physical science and later in building trades, Mohamed was exploring his work as an MC. After graduation he devoted himself entirely to the arts. His career has led him to work under the leadership of several choreographers such as: Taoufiq Izeddiou, Said Ait Elmoumen, Carmen Blanco Principal, Michel Hallet Heghayan, Raffaelle Irace, Bouziane Bouteldja, Fanny Sage, Faouzi Bensaidi, Juan Luis Doggy. He is currently a dancer of min tala.

  • Landerer, Felix / Landerer&Company

    Choreograpg (DE)

    Felix Landerer is a freelance choreographer based in Hannover. He has choreographed for Companies such as Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Konzert Theater in Bern, Theater Luzern, Balé Teatro Curitiba, Theater Münster and Project Based Company Tanzbar Bremen. With his own Company Landerer&Company in Hannover he creates his own productions and Co-Productions with Commedia Futura and Lenka Vagnerova Company. In 2010 he won the International Choreographers Competition in Hannover and since 2013 he is Resident Choreographer for Scapino Ballett Rotterdam.

    Felix Landerer

  • Lesch, Harriet

    Project management Dance Congress 2016 (DE)

    born 1971 in Munich, has been working in the areas of production, management and public relations for various German and international promoters, festivals and events. Since 1998 collaboration with Katharina von Wilcke at the production office DepArtment, which relocated from Hamburg to Berlin in 2004. Collaboration with the artists Saburo Teshigawara, Jochen Roller, Antje Pfundtner, Angela Guerreiro, Nicolas Stemann, Stefan Kaegi and many others. Since 2013 member of WILSON*BORLES arts management, framework agency of the German Federal Cultural Foundation. She was commercial director of the festival Theater der Welt 2014 in Mannheim; organizational director of the Dance Congress 2009 and 2013; project management for the Dance Congress 2016. She will also be the commercial director of the upcoming edition of Theater der Welt 2017.


  • Letonja, Helge

    Helge Letonja© Kerstin Rolfes

    choreographer, dancer (DE)

    Helge Letonja studied ballet in Amsterdam and contemporary dance in New York. He has danced with, among others, the Oper Graz, Jan Fabre and Tanztheater Bremen, where he began creating choreographies as a freelance artist and in 1996 founded steptext dance project, which he established at the Schwankhalle in 2003 and has been directing until today. His dance pieces, often realised with international partners, collaborating composers and fine artists, have been presented in Germany and abroad. Letonja has long been committed to the regional and international development, networking and presentation of contemporary dance. He conceives and curates series of dance guest performances and festivals, and develops advanced training, co-operation and festival formats. From 2009-2011 he was co-initiator and organiser of the four-country EU project KoresponDance Europe, in 2011/2012 he realised the European-African project 'HOME 52° 30' N 13° 23' E ELEV 37 m', funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation, choreographed its production HOMESCAPES and produced Opiyo Okach's 'The house that never walked'. In 2010 he and steptext dance project received concept funding from the Fonds Darstellende Künste for the dance trilogy DisPLACING Future, and in 2014 he was nominated for the George Tabori Prize.

  • Leupin, Rahel

    Rahel Leupin

    theatre scholar (CH)

    PhD candidate at the interdisciplinary Institute for Performance Design of the University of Roskilde. Rahel has an MA in theatre studies from the University of Bern and an MA in culture management from the University of Basel. Before starting her doctorate, she worked in the programme group for international festivals such as the Belluard/Bollwerk International (Fribourg, Switzerland) and the Zürcher Theater Spektakel (Zurich, Switzerland). Rahel was co-director of the factory theatre Rote Fabrik in Zurich and worked in the theatre funding department of the Swiss cultural foundation Pro Helvetia.

  • Lim, Jee-Ae

    dancer, curator (KR)

    Jee-Ae Lim came from a traditional Korean dance background, and has been working between the notion of tradition Korean dance and contemporary sensibility. After she finished her M.A. (Distinction) in choreography Solo/Dance/Authorship (SODA) at HZT/UDK in Berlin (Germany), she was selected in the artist residency at K3 Tanzplan Hamburg 2013-2014. Recently, Jee-Ae has received a funding from Senat/Interkulturelle Projektarbeit for 2014, a grant of the ‘Elsa-Neumann-Foundation’ from UdK University of Berlin 2014-2015 and ‘Grant for Artist in Residence Abroad Program 2013’ from Arts Council Korea. She has been awarded ‘Less Movement’ at the ImPulsTanz 2013 as part of the ‘8 Tension’. Her solo work ‘Raw Material’ has been presented at the various festivals internationally (Korea, Germany, Bulgaria, Belgium). ‘New Monster’ has been invited to the Tanztage 2014 in Berlin and ‘Rising Star’ 2013 in Korea. Her collaborative work ‘Co-lab: Seoul-Berlin’ has been invited to the Festival Tokyo ‘Emerging Artist’ 2012 in Japan and ‘Rising Star’ in 2012 in Korea. Jee-Ae Lim is a co-founder of Co-Lab Project Group based in Berlin and Seoul which works with interdisciplinary and collaborative perspectives.

    Jee-Ae Lim

  • Linder, Adam

    artist (US)

    The New Zealander Adam Linder (*1983, lives in Los Angeles), a ‘border crosser’ between dance and fine art, utilises the space known as the white cube for his performative work in the context of art. His living artworks can only be experienced live and cannot be shown as a video documentation in an exhibition. For the presentation at the Kunstverein Hannover, the piece ‘Some Cleanings’ from the series ‘Choreographic Services’ (a series of interventions in art spaces begun in 2013) will be performed on ten dates, during which one performer will translate processes of cleaning into dance in the exhibition spaces.

  • Linke, Susanne

    Susanne  Linke© Bettina Stöß

    choreographer (DE) was trained in dance by Mary Wigman in Berlin, before studying at the Folkwang-Hochschule in Essen and then working as a dancer at the Folkwang Tanz Studio (artistic director Pina Bausch). Since the mid-1980s, she has pursued an international solo career as dancer and choreographer. In the early 1990s she was artist in residence of the Hebbel-Theater, Berlin. From 1994 to 2000 she was the director of the dance theatre at the Bremer Theater. In 2000/01 she co-founded the Choreographisches Zentrum Essen and became its artistic director. Since 2001, Susanne Linke has again been active as a freelance choreographer and dancer. Since the 2015/16 season, Susanne Linke is the artistic director of the dance sector of the Theater Trier.

    Susanne Linke

  • Loclair, Christian 'Mio'

    Christian 'Mio' Loclair

    media artist, choreographer (DE)

    Christian ‘Mio’ Loclair, art director at Waltz Binaire, is a media artist and choreographer from Berlin. He explores the harmonic friction of human bodies, movement and nature-colliding with digital aesthetics. Using cutting edge technology in interactive installations, audio-visual experiences, visual narratives and dance performances, he continuously illuminates the beauty and drama of human identity. He started his professional career as a dancer in 2001 and became the winner of many international Battles in popping. Furthermore he choreographed the theater pieces ‘Marionettes’, ‘Reflection’, ‘Volvere’ and co-choreographed ‘110’ (Niels Storm Robitzky) and ‘POW_2045’ (Raphael Hillebrand).

  • Luo, Yuebing

    Yuebing Luo© Xiaoshuo Zhang

    choreographer, performer, student at HZT Berlin (CN)

    Yuebing Luo is a Chinese choreographer and performer. Her artistic practice deals with the complex interactions between body and form, and between individuality and mechanisms. Central to her work is an ongoing investigation of the thinghood that a moving body contains in daily situations and states of urban living. Luo is currently a student of the Master program ‘SoDA - Solo, Dance, Authorship’ at HZT Berlin.