• Yao, Franck Edmond

    Franck Edmond Yao© Knut Klaßen

    choreographer, dancer, performer, singer (CI)

    born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. He studied dance and theatre at the Kingbok School in Abidjan. Franck created choreographies for members of Ivorian Jet Set. In the years 2003/04/05/06 he won the 'African Award' for the best African dancer in Paris, in 2008 he published his first album as Gadoukou la Star at Couper Decaler Milieu of the Ivory Coast. Since 2005 Franck has been working as a protagonist with Gintersdorfer/Klassen, for example, in the pieces 'Othello, c'est qui', 'Logobi 04 und 05', 'The International Criminal Court' and 'Not Punk Pololo'.


  • Zacharas, Christian

    Christian Zacharas© Flying Steps

    dancer (DE)

    Christian Zacharas, aka 'Robozee', started dancing in 1998. He is a renowned artist, especially in the dance style of popping and improvisation. As a member of the hip-hop formations Animatroniks and Flying Steps, he collaborated in the most various pieces. In 2007 he danced for the Renegade Theatre in the pieces 'Rumble' and 'Extended Teenage Era'. In 2010 and 2011 he danced in the works 'Irgendwo' und 'Der verlorene Drache' by Renegade in Residence under the artistic direction of Malou Airaudo at the Schauspielhaus Bochum, where he also appeared in the production 'Out of Body' by the Cuban choreographer Julio César Iglesias that premiered in 2013.

  • Zaides, Arkadi

    Arkadi Zaides© Joeri Thiry

    choreographer, performer (IL)

    choreographer, born in 1979 in Byelorussia, immigrated to Israel in 1990. Currently working in Israel and in Europe. Zaides holds a degree from Amsterdam Master of Choreography Program at the theater school (NL). Danced in a few Israeli companies among them are Batsheva Dance Company and in Yasmeen Godder Dance Group. At 2004, embarked on an independent career. Through his work Zaides addresses social and political issues, previously focusing on the Israeli/Palestinian context, and now on the European one. Zaides' artistic practice aims to spark critical debate, concentrating on the body as the medium through which social and political issues are experienced most acutely.